Popcorn sale update


Here’s a brief update on our popcorn sale.

We’ve had four days at Gander Mountain, and our sales thus far total $1,659.00!

We have two more storefront sales this Saturday and Sunday. We exceeded $1,000 in sales our first weekend. Let’s hope we can do it again!

Remember: Last year, we sold over $6,000. This year’s sale ends the first weekend in November — which leaves us about two weeks to reach our $7,000 goal!

As a reminder, any Scout who collects at least $25 in donations (storefront or otherwise) can make a $25 military donation. This will increase your sale total, and put you closer to your prize goal!

Thanks to everyone for working the storefront sales and selling on your own. Keep up the great work. 🙂



Becky T.