Popcorn sale starts today

Hello 399 Parents,

In case the email I sent earlier today didn’t reach you, here it is again:

Last night kicked off our annual popcorn sale. We missed seeing many of you!

As of now, we have six families selling. If we haven’t heard from you and you would like to sell popcorn, please contact me right away so we can get you the popcorn, order forms, and prize information you need. (It’s all in my garage. We can arrange a pick-up time that’s convenient for you.)

Here is a rundown of what sellers need to know:

  • Today, I will be signing up participating scouts (those who have committed to selling) for online sales for out-of-town family and friends. Parents will receive a seller ID for their scout and an email with a link to an online order form.
  • We encourage you to start selling as soon as possible! If you go door to door, it will help if your scout is in uniform. 🙂
  • Our fundraising goal is $5,000. Our pack receives 1/3 of the proceeds. (Another 1/3 goes to the popcorn company, and our district gets the final third to fund operations and fun outings/day camps.) If we exceed this goal, we will plan a trip to the Wilds for a Scout day venture! You can read about it here. The more we sell, the more admissions we can cover!
  • In addition to prizes high sellers will receive from Simon Kenton Council (you can find them here), our pack will award a $15 GameStop gift card to those who sell $300 and a $50 GameStop gift card to those who pass the $600 mark!
  • If you burn through your “show and sell” popcorn, please contact me so we can get more for you. Please do not trade popcorn with other families in the pack. If I don’t have what you need, I will arrange a trade for you.
  • STOREFRONT SALE: We are scheduled to sell popcorn in front of Sears Hardware (next to Hill Rd. Kroger) on Saturday, 9/27 from 11-4. We have popcorn set aside for this, and we will have a card reader to process credit/debit sales. If you can work a shift, even if it’s for an hour, let me know! As I’m able to schedule future dates, I’ll let you know.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Parents, thanks so much for your time and energy. Our pack depends on it!

Becky Tumidolsky
Popcorn Kernel